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She wanted to be stronger and healthier to serve her family: 48 lbs lost

She was sick of feeling tired, and bloated: 3 month transformation

Bailee wanted to feel lighter to help her back and hips: 3 month transformation and 30 lbs lost

Meet Amber

"How I wish my self-confidence had nothing to do with the size of my dress, but in reality, my ability to love and serve those around me, and fulfill my mission in life, are greatly affected by how I feel I show up in the discipline of food and my weight.

I have a strong belief that we are not just on this planet, to pay bills and buy groceries, but that each one of us has a divine purpose, accompanied by specific gifts and talents to contribute to those within our sphere of influence.

When I’m not comfortable in my body, I’m not comfortable living that purpose.

Learning to track my food was very difficult and I fought it for a long time, but being aware of calories that I had no idea were as high as they were, and balancing out my blood sugar using Elisa‘s suggestions of how to arrange my plate, made all the difference!

Every step from increasing my water to managing my sleep, and knowing which foods were best for my body, allowed me eliminate unhealthy cravings and while the loss was slower than previous crash diets, it was healthy and very doable! I felt like I was learning so much and I enjoyed the intelligent stimulation . "~Amber H.

She could not go where she wanted to go and her health was holding her back from major dreams. Determined to stay consistent, she lost sixty lbs in 7 months utilizing 1:1 coaching, the 12 Essential Habits and the Look-Feel-Perform app. She no longer has to be held back, and hasn't been sick in months!

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